Saturday, January 19, 2013

Our first cry for help!

I'll get to a full walk-through of the second floors... but in the meantime...

Downstairs, the floors are a very fine-grained oak. Maybe quartersawn:

The entire upstairs, though, is carpeted.

The current master bedroom combined what used to be a sewing room with one of the bedrooms. We noticed a strip of carpet that was not tacked down and peeled it back:

I peeled back another section, and it looks like most of the floor was painted. I happen to like painted wood floors (not as much as stained/finished floors, but I like them), but this wood is beautiful. I can't tell if it's heart pine or fir. Any tips on telling the difference? I can post better pics later. We have heart pine in our current house, original to the 1920 house. I love it. But I'm not sure about this. It's also very wide-- noticeably wider than downstairs. I know that whatever it is would have been cheaper wood at that time...

Opinions? Hints?


  1. All that red looks very much like fir to me. They are soft but polish up beautifully!

  2. Are you in Arkansas? My vote would be for pine; it is so common in the south and would have been used in the less formal, "private" rooms like bedrooms. That's the story in our bungalow, at least!